How To Apply AP Government Outsourcing Jobs Apcos Online Registration Process in

Jobs, Andhra Pradesh: Apcos Online Registration Process For Outsourcing Jobs The government has recently launched the AP Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS) specifically for the recruitment of Contract and Outsourcing Jobs Under Government Sector employees. Through this, there will be no room for bribes and recommendations. Transparent contracts and outsourcing jobs will be replaced.

Committees headed by collectors make these appointments. Full details can be found at Website. It is a 100 percent public sector entity. Unemployed people have to register on this website.

The candidate's Registration process will start soon. Vacancies include 50 percent reservation for women, 29 percent for BCs and minorities, 15 percent for SCs, and 6 percent for STs.

AP Outsourcing Jobs Registration process:

First, we need to open the website
Click on Candidates Registration.
Enter the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card.
OTP comes to your mobile number.
Verification is complete after entering the OTP.
After that, you have to enter your personal details, bank details.
Details of vacancies will appear.
You have to apply for those jobs.
Then check all the details and submit the application.
Take a print out of the application form and save it.

Alert for the unemployed .. Do not register on the website .. Get a job The AP government has announced a great week for the unemployed. AP Corporation started the Outsourced Services (Opcos) Corporation and became a boon to the unemployed and outsourcing employees. Through this, there will be no room for bribes and recommendations. Transparent contract and outsourcing jobs will be replaced. Committees headed by collectors make these appointments. Full details can be found at Website. It is a 100 percent public sector entity.

Identify skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower in full transparency.
Selection of contract, outsourcing employees, and staff in a scientific manner to meet the needs of various departments and organizations.
Ensuring the provision of facilities like ESI along with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) legally.
Opcos acts as a one-stop-shop for the outsourcing process in state government departments, agencies, and offices.
Outsourcing employees and staff already working in various branches and organizations will be brought under the Corporation.

From now on, Opcos will be the only placement agency for all contracts and outsourcing employees.
Now not a single employee working in outsourcing will be fired. A unique code is given to make the whole process run smoothly.

The reservation process is strictly enforced.
Payslips, bank accounts, EPF and ESI account details are collected at the time of transfer of employees to the Corporation.

The Collector will head a committee to be set up at the district level to review the process of transfer of employees under the Corporation. The District Joint Collector will be the member convener and a representative from those bodies will be the committee member.

Reservations are 15 percent for SCs, 6 percent for STs, and 29 percent for BCs and minorities. Women have 50 percent reservation.

District-level committees oversee the proper implementation of reservations.
New candidates are also nominated by the district level committees.

What is the purpose ..?
Private outsourcing companies and agents will be eliminated.
Outsourcing staffing is done transparently without corruption.
BCs, SCs, STs, and minorities get 50 percent jobs while half of them are women.
Contract, outsourcing employees, and staff receive full monthly salaries through bank accounts without any deductions.
EPF and ESI facilities are available.
Appointments are made without bribes or discrimination.
Contract, outsourcing employees, and staff will be paid their salaries by the corporation after the change.

Jio Android 4g 5g Phones | Jio Glass | Reliance Jio TV Plus watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar

India, Tech: Reliance Jio TV Plus: Users can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar from single log-in, jio Partners With Google For Making Affordable 4g 5g Phones and Jio Glass. Smartphone in the hands of every Indian ... Jio Android phones soon! India's number one telecom company Jio will soon launch low-cost 4G and 5G smartphones in the country. Its details are as follows.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIS) made key announcements at the AGM conference on Wednesday. Has announced that it is joining hands with Google to design Android-based flagship smartphones. Their goal is to make our country a country without a 2G network. Announces the launch of 4G and 5G smartphones based on the Android operating system.

Jio said it would put the smartphone in the hands of everyone in India in partnership with Google. Stated that they would no longer aim for the same. He said that we will provide low-cost phones to 35 crore consumers in our country. Jio has already released phones running on KIOS like Jio Phone, Jio Phone 2.

Ambani said that so far 10 crore Jio phones have been sold. Mentioned that there are a lot of people who are looking to buy a smartphone if it is available at a low price. They are accepting the challenge that smartphones offer them.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also took part in the event via video. Jio said it would make low-cost 4G phones through a Google partnership. He said that future Jio phones will be launched with the Android operating system, including the Play Store.
Google has recently announced that it will invest $ 10 billion (approximately Rs 75,000 crore) in the country. Now, Google is investing Rs 33,737 crore in a 7.7 percent stake in the latest Jio platform. Google has said that it will soon bring 5G network to our country.

Cbse 10th Result 2020 Available Check [CBSE] Results Class 10 Website

Education: CBSE Board Results: CBSE 10th Class Results Released .. You can check on this website. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class X results released The Central CBSE Board released the results a short while ago. Central Board of Secondary Education Cbse 10th Result 2020 Declared Check Cbse Result For Class 10 Class X and XII CBSE Mark Sheets, Passing Certificates Online at

Nearly 18 lakh students across the country have written the tenth class exams this year. Results are available at or or

You can check at websites.

Students should take a screenshot of that copy as soon as they see the results. It will be required at the time of taking the provisional certificate.

CBSE Results downloading process:

Log on to the official Board website or and

For Class 10 results, click on the link which says CBSE Class 10th Board Results

Submit your roll number and other details as required

The CBSE result of 2020 will appear on the website

Download your CBSE 10th Results for future use

It is learned that there has been a lot of excitement over the recent CBSE exams and results. CBSE
Class XII and Class X exams are pending due to the coronavirus crisis. CBSE has also released the schedule for conducting pending exams.
But the parents of the students have approached the court to cancel the exam and reveal the results of the exams based on the internal marks. Students can write pending exams if they are dissatisfied with these results. The Board will announce the schedule in this regard. It is learned that the CBSE Class 12 results will be released on Monday (July 13).

Migrant Labor Registration Status of Contract Workers Amenities Insurance, Pension Rs 1,000 per Month in One Card

India, News: The good news is that Modi is getting a pension of Rs 1,000 per month and many more benefits. Migrant workers are the ones most affected by the coronavirus. Criticisms also abound that the central government has not responded properly to their case. The central government is under intense pressure in the wake of the coronavirus. The Kovid 19 blow is having a negative impact on the economy. People are also facing worse conditions. Most importantly, the lives of migrant workers have become fragile. The central government has also been criticized for not properly treating migrant workers in the wake of the lockdown.

Under such circumstances, the Central Government hopes to make decisions that will benefit migrant workers. It also plans to provide social security for migrant workers. It plans to provide them with health and life insurance services, including a minimum pension. Soon the all the updates of Migrant Workers Status of Contract Workers Labour Registration in Online and how to get benefits Insurance, Pension, Status of Contract Workers Registration for laborers in one card.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee will also submit a report to the Center later this month. According to sources, the Modi government committee will make several key proposals in this regard. It is understood that the status of contract workers will also be extended to migrant workers.
The committee also suggested that the central government should provide accommodation for migrant workers. Also recommended setting up a special fund for them. It said registration should be maintained for migrant workers to provide all these benefits. Stated to issue a separate card. All facilities should be provided to migrant workers through this card number. On the other hand, Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar said the Center was looking at providing other benefits, including a pension of Rs 1,000, to migrant workers.

Donald Trump pieces with the goal of winning the u.s. presidential election 2020

United States, ‎New York City: Trump pieces with the goal of winning the election .. Signing on merit-based immigration soon! Trump is preparing all concepts for a second term victory in the presidential election. Trump has made a key decision that he wants to take advantage of by bringing localism to the screen once again. US President Donald Trump is aiming to win the election once again Tuesday, 3 November United States Presidential election, 2020. Trump, who won the presidential election exceptionally well with the local card in the last election .. is chanting the same mantra this time as well. Trump has already announced that he will bring in the strongest merit-based immigration policy aimed at creating jobs for locals. Recently, Trump revealed that he would be signing these orders. He said that if the law comes into force, it will benefit those from India and South Asia at an early age and the benefits will be safeguarded.

‘The most important law is going to be signed very soon. This law is very strong. The country is moving towards merit-based immigration. "Family ties reduce the chances of getting a visa," Trump told a news conference at the White House Rose Garden. It was clarified that the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) will be finalized soon and the duty policies related to this will be finalized. Trump said Conservative Republicans are also interested in seeing how the DACA works.

u.s. election 2020 candidates, polls, results live updates:

He said Democrats had three years to do anything about the DACA, but they never ignored it. ‘Never refused. Used it politically. I will use it to do something .. but we will sign a very powerful immigration law. It's great, it's based on merit. He said the effort has been going on for the last 25, 30 years.
The Trump administration says that if the DACA policy goes into effect, the rights of those who entered the United States at an early age without documents along with their parents will be protected, benefiting nearly 7 million young people. Although Trump has decided to cancel programs launched during the Obama administration, the Supreme Court has put a brake on it.

Bharat Bond ETF What and How to Etf Subscription For 2nd Tranche Opens July 14

Business, TheHent: Narendra Modi's new scheme available from tomorrow .. Bharat Bond Etf Subscription For 2nd Tranche Opens July 14th, 2020. Want to invest money on hand anywhere? Good news for you though. You have a new option available. The India Bond ETF subscription is starting tomorrow.

Highlights of Bharat Bond Etf Subscription:

Bharat Bond ETF Subscription Starting tomorrow You can invest from Rs.1,000.
BHARAT Bond ETF has a fixed maturity period
Nifty BHARAT Bond ETF Index
invests in high quality 'AAA' rated bonds of Public Sector Companies
holds the bonds till their maturity and reinvest the coupons received
invests 5% of its allocation towards G-Sec/TREPS to manage liquidity

Banks have been cutting interest rates on deposits in a row. As a result, the income from depositing money in banks is limited. Where to invest money for higher returns? Many options are available. However, the central government is ready to re-launch the second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF subscription. You can also get an attractive return by investing in it.

How to Invest Bharat Bond Etf:

Edelweiss Asset Management Company is responsible for the second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF Subscription. The process will start tomorrow, July 14. There are two types of maturity options, April 2025 and April 2031. Investment in India Bond ETFs must be a demat account. If there is no demat account then India has to invest in Bond Funds of Funds.

What is Bharat Bond Etf:

Investor Buy or Sell units of bharat bond etf which is listed or traded on the exchanges and Public sector bonds bharat bond etf invests in public sector bonds maturing on or before scheme maturity.

The Bharat Bond ETF subscription ends on July 17. A minimum of Rs.1000 is enough to invest in it. Expense ratios are lower in comparison to mutual funds. Only 0.005 percent. As well as getting consistent returns. There are also positive aspects such as lower taxes and security for the investment made.

Benefits of Investing in BHARAT Bond ETF:

If you want to invest Rs 1 lakh in Bharat Bond ETFs .. 7.58 per cent return on your money. Based on this income, your money will be Rs. 2.07 lakhs in ten years. Tax is also levied on your investment. It will be Rs 7,836. Then about Rs 2 lakh will come to your hand. That means if you put Rs 1 lakh in the next month, you can take Rs 2 lakh in maturity.

Cbse 12th Result 2020 Released Check Here Online Website

Education, TheHent: Check with one click CBSE Board Results Online CBSE 12th class results released .. CBSE Class 12 exam results released The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) said on Friday that the measure would be released on July 13.

Exam results are available website:

How to Check CBSE Board Results:

In the latest results, 1,57,934 people scored over 90 percent.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) has the highest pass percentage (98.70 per cent) and is in the top position.

Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) came in second with a pass percentage of 98.62.

Private schools recorded the lowest pass percentage (88.22) in the 12th results this year.

Trivandrum region (97.67) is the top pass percentage in the country while Patna region (74.57) is the lowest.

Tenth grade results will also be released soon. On the other hand, it is known that a key decision has been taken regarding the CBSE syllabus.
The syllabus was reduced by 30 percent as part of a program to reduce stress among students. The CBSE Board has announced that the board will have consequences based on the internal assessment process.