Google Stadia: At the start, Google Gaming only works with Google's own Pixel smartphones

Tech: The main thing is that it does not settle Google Stadia Console or long load times? Are you not there anymore in cloud gaming? We tested Google's new game service Stadia - and were pleasantly surprised.

How, is it going on? That's the first question I ask myself, shortly after I set up Google's new gaming service Stadia. After all, I'm used to never being able to play video games directly. Previously, I had to go to the nearest specialty store and buy a cardboard box with CDs and DVDs. In the past few years, thanks to download codes, I watched my PC downloading game files for hours. But now I'm sitting in my living room and playing Red Dead Redemption 2, which I've just unlocked a minute before. And it works.

The games come from the cloud at Stadia, so they are located on a computer of the company and are available everywhere with access. This has the advantage that there are no downloads or installations and the games run on different devices: Gamers can play a graphics-intensive open-world adventure like Red Dead Redemption 2 or the multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 in the browser or on the phone,

What sounds like the future is not that new. Years ago there were cloud gaming services like OnLive or Nvidia Grid, which were based on a similar principle. Sony is currently offering hundreds of games, most of them older, via stream, for a monthly fee, with PlayStation Now. By comparison, Google Stadia wants to score above all with two aspects: For Stadia, there should also be current top games. And it should run on as many devices as possible, especially smartphones.

If you want to exploit Stadia, you have to buy hardware
Stadia will be available in two variants, each linked to a Google account. For the start on Tuesday, only the Pro version is available, for 9.99 euros a month. This includes individual free games, discounts on game purchases and streaming with surround sound and up to 4K resolution (for anyone who has the appropriate screen). In the coming year, there will also be Stadia Base. This is free, but the streams are limited to stereo sound and Full HD resolution.

In addition, there are the one-off costs for the hardware, which would be the first restriction: If you just want to play Stadia in your browser, you can do that after logging in and simply connect a PS4 or Xbox controller to the PC. So far, so easy. However, if you want to play Stadia games on TV or smartphone, you must first get more Google products.

For Stadia on their own TV is a Chromecast Ultra (79 euros) necessary. If you already own one, you have to wait for the Stadia-compatible update, which will be released soon. Add to that the Google-developed Stadia Controller (69 Euro), because only this works with the Chromecast. As a so-called Premiere Edition, there is the Chromecast Ultra and the controller as a set for 130 euros to buy, including three months of Stadia Pro. A cheaper alternative is to connect the laptop or PC directly to the TV.
Chromecast and Controller setup works through the Stadia app on the smartphone. There are currently for Android and iOS, but with a second important limitation: You can initially only play on current Pixel smartphones from Google. On all other devices, the app is currently only possible to buy games and manage the account. Google wants to support other manufacturers in the future - including iPhones.

If you own a pixel, you can purchase a special holder for attaching your mobile phone and controller. It looks funny, but it does not really make you mobile. Stadia currently works only via Wi-Fi and not via mobile data connections. That could possibly change with 5G.

One Nation - One Pay Day Wages Employers and workers

Ever since BJP came to power at the Center, there has been a steady stream of sensational decisions. While Jamili is doing drills for elections all over the country at once, more efforts are being made on the same path. It is already known that one country - one ration card is used. Another sensational decision has now been made along the same path.

Union labor minister Santosh Gangwar has announced that he has decided to provide one-day wages across the country. The minister said that the central government is planning to implement this decision nationwide soon with a view to the welfare of the working class. Employers and workers all over the country will receive one-on-one wages if implemented. "One Nation - One Pay Day" legislation is coming soon, Prime Minister Modi said. They are part of the government's labor reforms.
The minister said that all the workers are striving for a better life. For this purpose, steps will be taken to ensure minimum salary in all sectors. The minister said this at a seminar held under the aegis of the Central Association of Private Security Industry. But if the decision made by the Minister comes into force .. good news for the working class. Minister Clarity, however, did not give any indication that it would be implemented.

AP New Ration Card | Rice Card | Pension Card | Health Sri Card

Andhra Pradesh Government has announced another new proposal. Nowadays, a family is ration card based on the fruits of various schemes. But .. even now the Jagan government has made changes. Innovatively added four new cards.

The four new cards are given apply online for new card just aprrocah gram ward vlountery:

Rice card
Pension card
Health Sri Card
Fee Reimbursement Card
From now on any branch .. that card will be used by the beneficiaries. Ie .. Rice shop, rice card for free medical services, health reimbursement card for education, pension cards for pensioners, YCP government decided to give. These cards will be issued to selected village employees and volunteers from 20th of this month. However, the old ration card is not canceled. The government plans to use it.

Ravi Teja Crack Movie | Shruti Haasan | Varalakshmi | Gopichand

Film Nagar: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has finalized the title of 'Crack' for the new movie. Gopichand Malineni, who has given super hit films like Don Shenu and Badu, will be coming out as a hat trick movie. The film was officially launched on Thursday in honor of Children's Day. The film team released the Ravi Teja look along with the movie title poster. The film's directors are planning to release the film in the summer of next year.

Beauty star Shruti Haasan and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar will be seen opposite Ravi Teja in Crack. Tamil actor Samudrakhani is playing another key role. Ravi Teja will be acting as a full police officer in the film. The film is being produced by Tagore Madhu and is composed of SS Taman.
Ravi Teja is currently starring in the film Discoraza. Directed by Vee Anand, the film stars Paiyal Rajput, Nabha Natesh and Tanyahope in the lead roles. The film is set to premiere on January 24 next year.

Happy Veterans Day Express Appreciation to Countrymen

What is the Happy Veterans Day:

Remembrance Day. Veterans Day the United States Armed Forces or honoring military veterans, and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable the originally known as Armistice Day to given an is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, that is, persons who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

On this day a lot of the military veterans given happy veterans day wishes and quotes. Here I am giving them to give wishes images and facts of day cards. Lets share who are the people served in the United States Armed Forces.

Those who have risked served in the United States lives to give us freedom... Just send Happy Veterans Day Pictures, Photos, Images, Pics, Quotes, Memes, Messages.

1. Get Outdoors with a Veteran

2. Visit a VA Hospital

3. Don't Confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day

4. Write a greeting

5. Ask someone about their service

6. Fly a flag - correctly

7. Donate With your love

8. Show Up your wishes

Kohli Spotted Playing Gully Cricket with Kids Ahead Of Indore Test

Thehent, Indore: Team India captain Virat Kohli has been having fun with some kids as he prepares for the first Test against Bangladesh in Indore in two days. Gully played cricket with the children and drowned. He enjoys cricket with his children, remembering his childhood days. At the same time the shots were very entertaining. On the other hand, he ran with the kids. He later bowled for the children. The video for this has now gone viral.

Kohli has been rested for the T20 series against Bangladesh. Kohli has been rested since January when he was playing cricket without a shore. Kohli spends his leisure time with his wife Anushka Sharma. The celebrity couple enjoyed their holiday trip in Bhutan. However, Kohli, who returned as part of the Test series, is ready for the first match. He was ready to take over as captain of the Test series. The first Test will begin in Indore on Thursday and the second Test will start on November 22. The second Test, to be held in the Garden of Eden, will be held as a Day and Night Test.

School Closings for November 12th, 2019 West Tennessee

For the Wintry weather moved into rural West Tennessee late Monday. Temperatures are expected to stay below freezing so the through Schools are already announcing out the region on Tuesday.

Tennessee Districts/schools who have announced are listed below:

Benton County - delayed two hours

Henry County

Jackson Christian School

Jackson-Madison County

Jackson State Community College

Lake County

Obion County

Sacred Heart of Jesus High School

St. Mary's Middle School

Trinity Christian Academy

University School of Jackson

Weakley County
West Tennessee School for the Deaf