Rahul Gandhi Response Dr. Priyanka Reddy Abduction and Murder in Hyderabad

Crime, Hyderabad: The brutal murder of Hyderabad-based veterinary doctor Priyankardi is making a nationwide buzz. Many celebrities are demanding harsh punishment for Priyanka's murder. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reacted to the incident on Twitter. Rahul said that Priyankardi's assassination had deeply mixed him. It was terrifying to imagine how such a man could be so brutally attacked. The devotee is praying for the strength of the victim's family in this difficult time.

On the other hand, many celebrities have expressed their condolences on social media over the brutal murder of Priyankardi. Priyanka's death is said to have confused them. She is posting mourning for her death. They are demanding harsh punishment. They want to prevent this from happening to another girl.

Dr. Priyankardi's parents have expressed concern that their child would have survived if the police responded immediately. Police are questioning how many squads will be used after death. Priyankardi's body has been found by the police as it was completely burnt under a road bridge in the Chattanpally village suburb of Rangareddy district. The case was challenged by the police and shortly thereafter. The four accused are being held in custody. According to the plan, Priyankardi punched Scooty and raped her.

Priyankardi's father Sridhar Reddy spoke. At nine o'clock at night the phone rang that Priyanka was not home. Police lodged a complaint at eleven o'clock. Police have examined the cameras. Priyanka's visuals are on the go. He said there were no visuals coming. Our sins have been lost as we sit watching the cameras. The police wasted no time. If he responds immediately he will find a survivor. The police look like humanity has died down. "If you go to a police station to complain, you go to another station," he said. The response of the police was inadequate. Their daughter also thinks that it would be nice to take some precautions. The government has yet to take any action against the incident.

Priyankardi's mother Vijayamma said that when they went to complain, they would go with their friends. What happened. Asked to tell only the facts. There is footage of CCTV on the go. No footage on arrival. Your girl will go with anyone. See you tomorrow. They responded quickly, saying that our girl would have survived.

Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi has reacted to the brutal murder of veterinary doctor Priyankardi, who is a state-wide sensation. It is very sad that such an event happened in the heart of Hyderabad. The girls expressed their desire to return to the country if they leave. The government is embarrassed that the police and the power system understand what is going on in the wake of these vicious attacks. She spoke to local media on Friday after the event. Priyanka, like her child, recalled that she was thirsty. She demanded the immediate arrest of those who killed Priyanka and sentenced her to death. She urged the central government to take adequate measures to ensure that women in the country are left without minimum security. He said the culprits should be punished for such incidents. She expressed deep dissatisfaction over the execution of the convicts who have been executed for eight years after the Nirbhaya incident. Asadevi said their fight would not stop until they were executed.

The National Women's Commission has also reacted to Priyankara Reddy's agitation in the country's capital, Delhi. The case is being taken up as a summit. An investigation is underway. The incident made it clear that the accused will fight until they are punished. It directed the concerned authorities to give a comprehensive report on the investigation. "Many women from different parts of the country are employed in Hyderabad. The National Women's Commission has written a letter to the Hyderabad DGP. Tollywood celebrities and celebrities have reacted on social media to the brutal murder of veterinary doctor Priyankara Reddy. Priyankara Reddy's murder is a mix of themselves. They demand that the culprits be punished harshly.

Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali has responded to the death of veterinary doctor Priyankardi, who has created a sensation across the country. Priyankardi said that the accused in the murder will be punished harshly. Instead of phoning his sister, the victim said that the situation would have been different if the victim had called 100 The state's police system is strengthened ... Priyankardi made a small mistake, he said. He visited the Priyankardi family members on Friday. The injustice done to Priyankardi has compounded him.

The event in Shadnagar is tragic. Such incidents are happening all over the country. Even in Hanmakonda, a child was raped. In this case, we have taken stringent measures to execute the accused. Priyanka's case was solved in the short term. All four were arrested. We will investigate deeply and prosecute the accused. The police are on the alert. Priyanka made such a mistake even after studying in higher education. Instead of phoning her sister during the night, she had to phone 100. The police arrive in 3 minutes. Mahmoud Ali said that the situation was a failure.
Priyank body was found in the Rangareddy district under a road bridge in Chattanpally village of Shadnagar zone, police said. The four accused had allegedly punched Priyankardi's scooty puncture and tortured her. The lorry was intercepted and raped. Then the kerosene was poured and set on fire. Four people were arrested within 24 hours for committing the most heinous acts. The accused were identified as Mahabubnagar district. However, her parents allege that Priyanka was a survivor if she responded immediately to her complaint. Meanwhile, the National Women's Commission has become serious over Priyankara Reddy's campaign of fearlessness in the nation's capital. The state police have been ordered to submit an investigation report. A special team will be sent to the state for this purpose.