China Users Must Scanned face while getting a new mobile phone service or connection

Tech: China Users Must Scanned face using the app are cameras while getting a new mobile phone service or connection Face Scan to Get Mobile Service! mobile phone users in china mynba2k19 face scan app mobile phone.

China Due To Introduce Face Scans For Mobile Users -In order to get new mobile phone service in China, they have to scan and register their faces. The Chinese government has already announced regulations in September. The regulations will come into effect from Sunday.

“Under the new regulations, a nationally-recognized card will only be used when buying a new mobile or taking on mobile data contracts. But they can also scan their faces with an identity card. The buyers' ID is likely to be valid or not, the Chinese government said. Many days ago in China, people set up their own names to log in to the Internet.
From 2019, it introduced a clause requiring anyone to post new content online and enter the original ID. Face scanning, which was recently implemented for telecom companies, will enable the government to collect information about consumers. In the world's most populous China, the Internet is increasingly consumed by mobile phones.