Spanish Big Brother contestant Carlota Prado forced video leaked

Spain: Spanish Big Brother Contestant Molestation Video Leaked Celebrity actress is making an appearance in a rape video. The video leaked two years after the rape. Details Gran Hermano telecast in Spain based on the Biggest TV reality show Big Brother. The 2017 season featured Spanish actress Carlotta Prado. Her boyfriend, Jose Maria Lopez, also entered the house. The two were lovingly and affectionately together. Meanwhile, one day all the members of the house were grand. Everyone drank alcohol and fell intoxicated. Her boyfriend raped Carlotta in the process. All this was recorded on the cameras.
Maria Lopez was sent out of the show for violating show rules. He was later taken into custody by police. Carlotta was called into a room and shown a video of the rape recorded on cameras. Carlota, who had left it .. Stop... Please .. Please stop. With a grieving heart and tears. Nevertheless, the show's organizers showed her the pages of the rape on her that night. Show owners did not telecast the victim's rape video but were unable to retrieve it. It is a shame that some companies use these ads in advertising. The public is outraged over this. The impeachment of the accused .. and the carelessness of the organizers have led to this tragedy. The dispute is currently running in court.