Two Indian Tennessee Students Killed Hit and Run in US

Washington: Two Indian students have died in a road accident in the state of Tennessee in the United States. Authorities say the owner of the pickup truck surrendered to police after the accident, which occurred on Thanksgiving Day. The two students identified as Judy Stanley (23) and Vaibhav Gopishetti (26), who is studying Food Science at Tennessee State University. The two were traveling in a Nissan Sentra in south Nashville on the night of a truck collision, local police said.
Stanley is pursuing a Masters in Food Science while Gopishetty is pursuing a Ph.D. Officials said in a statement that it was an unfortunate incident that caused the deaths of the two people in Varsity. When lookout notices were issued against David Tors, the pickup truck owner who caused the accident, he surrendered to the police. On the other hand, Varsity students donated to you for the funeral in India. Many ex-pat Indians expressed deep sympathy to the families of the deceased, saying that the untimely death of those who pursue higher education in the US with a lot of dreams has grieved them deeply.