Huge dust storms hail and flash floods hit australia

Canberra: In Australia, people have been known to have a love affair. A series of typhoons and tornadoes are once again creating a terrifying atmosphere among the people who are recovering from it. Tornadoes raged in Canberra, Australia's capital, on Monday. Winds of 107 miles per hour blew public buildings, homes, and cars and caused thousands of trees to fall. Emergency services were disrupted due to power cuts in many parts of the capital.
Saturday's hail rains in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland left most areas submerged. This is happening one after the other in Australia, causing people to lose sight of it. Although the premature rains were good enough to extinguish the wildfires that started in the New South Wales forests two months ago, it is worth noting that the people of the two major cities of Australia have suffered major property damage. However, 28 people died and thousands of animals died after the fire. 10.4 million hectares burned. It is interesting to note that this amount of money is equal to the state of Indiana in the USA.

Reporter: Mahesh
Editor: Sindhu
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