Woman finds 8 feet boa constrictor python snake in bathroom

London: A woman from the UK was shocked to see an 8-foot-tall python snake in the bathroom of her home. On Monday, she shared the photos on her Facebook page, which went viral. The woman lives in an apartment in Birkenhead, London. However, he was shocked when he saw the bathroom door open so he could take a bath. Bo-Constructor, an 8-foot snake encircles the sinkhole next to the bathtub. Then slowly tried to get into the bathtub.

Bo-Constructor is one of the largest snakes list in the world. These snakes are not venomous. However, she immediately informed the Merseyside police of this unexpected outcome. The police reached the spot and tried to pull it out. But when this was not possible, they called their constable Eastwood and pulled it out.
'It was very hard to get the snake out. Trying to dig it out squeezed the sinkhole even harder. The constable said that it had broken its grip in an attempt to water it and put it in a large container. However, it is not understood where the snake came from. However, all this was posted on his Facebook page and received tremendous comments. 'I would have cried if that snake was in our bathroom,' one netizens responded. Another netizan believes that 'since I saw the snake, I could get into the night.'