After Lockdown Relaxations Districts Wise From May 4th Says Ministry of Home Affairs

India, The Hent: The center has made a key announcement as the lockdown expires on May 3rd. There have been a number of easing of the lockdown in most districts since May 4.

The Union Home Department has made a key announcement as the nationwide lockdown ends on May 3. It announced that most districts will have significant leeway from the lockdown rules beginning May 4. Guidelines for this will be released shortly. The Home Department held a review meeting Wednesday on the lockdown situation. The situation has been greatly improved due to the lockdown. The lockdown guidelines need to be strictly enforced until May 3.

Red, Orange, and Green Zones have been split into the red zones. Green Zones are designed to convert Orange Zones.

#Lockdown Relaxation in India:

Workers who migrated to other states for employment returned to their home states by the Center on Wednesday (April 29). Migrant workers who are having a hard time with this decision will get a break.

The center has been able to resume economic activities in the rural areas of the Green Zone with social distancing and other precautions. The center also exempted the lockdown for agriculture and some other sectors. But the markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and liquor stores will remain closed, the center said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a lockdown for coronavirus virus from March 25 to April 14. The Prime Minister said the lockdown would be extended till May 3 on the instructions of the majority states. After April 20, the Green Zones gave only a handful of relaxations. Studying the situation from time to time .. Lockdown rules are relaxed a little. States like Meghalaya and West Bengal are demanding the extension of the lockdown after May 3.