Coronavirus Vaccine Experiments on Monkeys have been Success Now test in Humans

England, The Hent: Oxford University Scientists Says Corona Vaccine Effective In Monkeys, Mass Production May Begin In India. The University of Oxford, UK, is leading the coronavirus vaccine experiments. Experiments on monkeys have already been successful.

It has been reported that the complete vaccination of the coronavirus is only possible with the vaccine. Many countries around the world are making efforts to manufacture this vaccine. Oxford University's coronavirus vaccine experiments are hopeful. Experiments on monkeys have yielded good results. Six monkeys at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory have been investigating for the past month. After being given the vaccine, the monkeys were found to be highly infected. After 28 days all the monkeys were found to be healthy.

The vaccine has been shown to be effective against monkeys in humans. The vaccine was given to 550 people. The experiment is expected to be completed by 6,000 people by the end of May.

This vaccine, which is being developed by Oxford University, has a lot of potential in India. Plans are afoot to produce 60 million doses of vaccines this year, the Serum Institute of India said. It is known as the world's largest producer of vaccines. The vaccine, dubbed "ChAdOx1 nCoV-19", has not yet been confirmed to affect Covid-19. But the experiments on animals are a success .. Serum decided to make arrangements for the production of vaccines as they are being tested on humans.
The Serum Institute is targeting to produce 6 crore doses this year and 40 crore doses next year. These vaccines are likely to be delivered in India first. The price of the vaccine was set at Rs1000. But the government is likely to give the vaccine to the public for free. The company has two vaccine plants in Pune. Over the next five months ... aims to make a maximum of 50 million doses per month. The company has decided to invest Rs 600 crore for the plant for the coronavirus vaccine.