Greta Thunberg Campaign to Support UNICEF Protection and Given $100,000 Prize Money Against COVID-19

France, Thehent: Greta Thunberg donated the prize money of $100,000 to the coronavirus fight Greta Thunberg donated $100,000 to the Covid-19 Defense Greta Thunberg has donated to UNICEF as a gift from the Dutch charity. UNICEF has announced that the amount will be used for children who lack access to food, education, intellectual and medical facilities. This is the first time the Human Act has given Tumburg a prize of $100,000. When Greta Tumburg decided to donate to UNICEF, the organization raised the amount.

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Like the climate problems, coronavirus pandemic is a crisis of children's rights. Covid pestilence still affects all children. Greta said she was likely affected by Covid, as she had previously traveled to Central Europe.