Mikhail Mishustin Russian Prime Minister Positive For Coronavirus | New Pm Andrei Belousov

Moscow, The Hent: Russian Prime Minister Announces He Tested As Positive For Coronavirus Russian Prime Minister Corona confirms the positive Mishushtin in making key decisions and policies to mitigate the Russian economy in trouble with the virus pandemic Corona pandemonium has not even left the Russian prime minister. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Thursday that he was also diagnosed with coronavirus positive. An international news agency said in a video call to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he was in isolation. Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belusov will continue to carry out those responsibilities until he is cured of the coronavirus. The Prime Minister has said that he is in touch with the authorities on certain policy decisions.
Putin is hopeful that Mr. Moustinin will be involved in making key decisions and policies to address the Russian economy, which is in trouble with the virus epidemic. The Prime Minister oversees the entire economy of the country in Russia .. 
The President is accountable. There is no clarity on when the Russian President Vladimir Putin last met the Prime Minister. The president is canceling all of his meetings and conducting video conferences while Corona walks. Michael Mikhaystin took over as Prime Minister of Russia last January.