AP Build 8 Fishing Harbours And One Fishing Landing | District Wise Fishing Harbors List

Andhra Pradesh, The Hent: Changes in their lives, check for further migration .. Rs. CM pics sensational decision with 3 thousand quotes The YCP government has decided to set up 8 fishing harbors and a fishing landing center in the state. These harbors are intended to prevent the migration of fishermen.

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has taken a key decision to prevent the migration of fishermen in the state and enhance their living standards. Major fishing harbors and fishing landing centers have been decided to add more value to marine products. The authorities have ordered the establishment of these major fishing harbors and a fish landing center at eight locations in the state, with the main aim of preventing any migrant fishermen from migrating to other states for employment. Around Rs. The government has decided to spend Rs 3,000 crore. Chief Minister YS Jagan held a high-level review on Thursday with state fisheries minister Mopidevi Venkataramana Rao and other officials at his camp office. Several key decisions have been made in this review. Officials have been directed to take measures to prevent migration.

Fishing harbors will be set up at two locations in Srikakulam district, Visakhapatnam, Ubhaya Godavari, Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore districts. Major Fishing Harbor in Srikakulam District, Fish Landing Center in Srikakulam District, Freshwater Park constructed. The construction will be completed in two and a half to three years. These 8 places provide good infrastructure for fishing.

Fishermen who go to other states for fishing are seemingly caught and in trouble. The oceans are inundated during times of natural disasters. More than 20 AP fishermen were trapped in Pakistani waters a year ago. Coca-Cola on the occasion of going to the state of Tamil Nadu to join the Sri Lankan Navy. Over 5,000 fishermen have been trapped in Gujarat following the lockdown that is currently being imposed by Corona. Taking the initiative of Chief Minister YS Jagan and talking to Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani, they took action to ensure that the AP. Against this backdrop, the state decided to build 8 fishing harbors and one fish land.

District Wise Fishing Harbors List:

Srikakulam District, Badagalapalem: Major Fishing Harbor
Srikakulam District, Freshwater Nets: Fishland Formation
Visakhapatnam District, Pudimaduka: Major Fishing Harbor
Tu Go Ji District, Uppada: Major Fishing Harbor
P. Go. District, Narsapuram: Major Fishing Harbor
Krishna District, Machilipatnam: Major Fishing Harbor
Guntur District, Nizampatnam: Major Fishing Harbor,
Prakasam District, Hosur: Major Fishing Harbor
Nellore District, Juvaladinne: Major Fishing Harbor