Breaking News: Chemical gas Leak In Lg Polymers Visakhapatnam, spread over 3 km Local People Hospitalized

Visakhapatnam, TheHent: Industry gas leak in Visakha .. Hundreds of people are sick Chemical gas leakage spread over 3 km in the LG polymers industry. The gas was leaking and it was very bad. There was a huge accident in Visakha. Early in the morning, the Gopalapatnam range of the city spread over 3 km of the chemical gas leak in the LG Polymers industry in RR Venkatapuram. The gas was leaking .. It was so bad that the locals had health problems with rashes on the skin, burning in the eyes, and difficulty breathing. Hundreds of people have been rushed to a Hutahuta hospital. MLA Ganababu, the Collector, reached the meeting place.
The locals locked the doors with fear as the gas leaked. Police warned the sirens to evacuate the houses. People from the surrounding areas are moving from their homes. Meghadri is going to bed. However, most of the victims of the gas attack are women and children. The cause of the accident is unknown. But the industry has been neglected and the gas has been leaked.