India Lockdown Extension for 2 More Weeks From May 4 to May 17 - Covid Red,Green,Orange Zones

India, TheHent: Lockdown extended for another 2 weeks The lockdown will continue until May 17 in the country. PM Modi addressing the race on Saturday (May 2) morning.

The central government has made a sensational decision. The decision to extend the lockdown imposed by Corona in the country for another two weeks. The Union Home Ministry has issued a notification that the lockdown will continue till May 17. Restrictions on red zones will continue, with some exceptions in the Green and Orange zones. The Union Home Department issued orders on Friday (May 1). The ordinances clarify that the lockdown will continue from May 4 to 17.
Prime Minister Modi said this after a review meeting. Prime Minister Modi is expected to speak to the media on Saturday morning on the extension of the lockdown. He will be revealed by the media at 10 am. It is possible to announce key actions on the continuation of corona tightening measures. What kind of exceptions are given? Modi is likely to explain in detail how activities should be carried out where exceptions are made.