Breaking News: Italy Corona Vaccine Invented at the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome

Italy, TheHent: A vaccine for corona has been made which is effective against the virus in Italy. No specific treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic has been available to date. Scientists and organizations are constantly investigating this.

The whole world is looking forward to vaccination for the coronavirus. The vaccine is the only weapon to stop the pandemic and win the battle. There is worldwide research on this weapon. Whoever developed the vaccine before, because everyone's goal is .. Who is interested in telling the good news. Against this backdrop, the announcement by Italian scientists about the corona vaccine is encouraging. The Italian news agency ANSA has revealed that their scientists prepared the vaccine for the coronavirus. The vaccine, designed by Talkies, has been successful in mice. The vaccine has been reported to produce antibodies in mice that act on human cells. The vaccine was described as being tested at the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome.

Takis CEO Luigi Arisicchio stated that the vaccine neutralized the Covid-19 virus in human cells in the first attempt. He said this was the most advanced stage of vaccination for the corona and that clinical trials would be held later this summer. Spallanzi Hospital sources say that this is the first time in the world that neutralizing the coronavirus by the vaccine has been tackled, and is expected to work in humans as well.

When given a single dose of rats, the mice have developed antibodies, which can prevent the virus from infecting human cells, Arisichio said. Italian researchers have commented that the results are encouraging and beyond expectations. Arisicchio said Takis will continue to work closely with American pharmaceutical company LineaRX. Italy's Chigurutakula trembled after the Corona pandemic. Nearly 30 thousand lives lost. More than two million people are infected with the virus.
On the other hand, a team led by researcher Jonathan Gershoni, based at Tel Aviv University in Israel, recently announced the creation of the Covid Vaccine Design. Scientist Uppalapati Lakshminarasaya of Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh is playing a key role in this team. In March, the US-patented a design for Israel. Lakshminarasayya is in the Gershoni team. Lakshminarasayya said that normally it takes two years for the vaccine to be vaccinated and their team achieved it within two months.