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India, Thehent: Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) Good news: Jan Dhan accounts once again with cash deposit Govt Releases 2nd Instalment Of Rs 500 To Women Jan Dhan Account Holders

Jan Dhan Rs 500 Dispostied 2nd Instalment To Accounts The central government has once again delivered good news for the poor who are struggling with the lockdown. The second installment of the women's Jannandan accounts has been announced. The central bank announced on Saturday (May 2) that the banks will deposit Rs. The money will be withdrawn from May 4. However, this time it was decided to adopt social distance. Based on the last digit of the clients' account numbers, they will be given a chance to cash in on a certain date. Officials hope to ease congestion at the banks.

Financial Services Secretary Devashish Panda has suggested using as many ATM cards and bank-friendly services as possible. Jandhan Accounts ending 0, 1, Accounts closing on Day 2 and 3, Customers ending on May 5, May 4, 5 will be able to withdraw on May 6. Similarly, those who have an account number that ends with numbers 6 and 7 and who have an account number that ends on May 8 and 8 and 9 are on May 11. Officials have revealed that they can take their money anytime after May 11 at their convenience.
The Center has already announced that it will deposit Rs 500 per month for three months from April to help women in need of poor families in the wake of the lockdown. In April, 20,05 crore accounts were deposited at Rs 10,025 crore. However, withdrawals of accounts opened earlier than 2014 have recently caused a lot of turmoil in the country.