Lockdown 3 Rules: What Can Be Done? What's not allowed? in India

Lockdown 3, TheHent: The central government has decided to extend the lockdown until May 17 as the coronavirus virus continues to mount in the country. At the same time Lockdown 3.0 Green and Orange Zone offered several relaxations. Those details ..

The #lockdown for the corona epidemic has been extended, but the central government has taken a key decision as the virus continues to spread. The decision was made to extend the lockdown once again. The Union Home Department on Friday (May 1) issued a notification that the lockdown will continue till May 17. At the same time, the Green and Orange Zones have made several reductions. Let us see what activities are going on and what is allowed.

The subject of sanction.

* Permission for OP services in hospitals in all zones. Activities must be done in accordance with rules such as social distance in containment zones.
* Permission for buses in Green Zones within the States. The buses are to be operated only with 50% seating capacity.
* Restrictions on personal travel in the Orange and Green Zones. Permission for personal vehicles. Two passengers can travel in cars. Permission on Two Wheeler.
* Permission for bicycle rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis, cab services, bus services, salons and spa centers in Orange and Green Zone. Activities must be carried out in accordance with Social Distance.
* Permission for normal operations in Green and Orange Zones.
* Green Zones are allowed for business from 7 am to 7 pm.
* Permission to sell liquor in Green and Orange Zones Sales should be practiced in keeping with social distance.
* Red zone zones once a week .. If the number of cases decreases, the orange zones and the orange zones are converted to green zones.
* Regulations pertaining to the Essential Requirements in the Green and Orange Zone, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Appliances, IT, Hardware, and Jewett Industry.
* Permission to work with few workers in the construction sector and social distance.
* Print, Electronic Media, Call Centers, Cold Storage, etc. allowed in Green and Orange Zones.

Continuation of the ban on these.

* Prohibition on flights, trains, and interstate travel. In special cases, these services are permitted with the permission of the Home Department.
* Schools, Colleges, Coaching Centers Band.
* Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls, and gyms.
* Swimming pools and stadiums.
* Continuation of the ban on all activities that are open to the public. Cancellation of all places of worship and public events.
* Curfew run from 7 pm to 7 pm. Section 144 imposition where necessary.
* Refusal of permission for persons over 65 years of age, children, and pregnant women in all zones. Permission to come out with special needs only.
* No activities allowed in containment zones.
* Red zones, bicycles, auto-rickshaws, taxis, cab services, bus services, salons, and spa centers are not allowed.