Coronavirus Die With Solar Eclipse Row Solar Eclipse as Ring of Fire

Who Gives Clarity Over Coronavirus Die With Solar Eclipse Row Solar eclipse: A solar eclipse caused by climate change on December 26, 2019, has been linked to a coronavirus, a Chennai-based scientist has analyzed.

The eclipse of the June 21 solar eclipse is known. This is called the Rings of Fire. Everyone is waiting for a solar eclipse like this. Rings of Fire means that the sun shines around the sun for a while during the eclipse. They say that the light changes many of the atmospheres. These changes are rampant on Earth.

There is also a campaign to say that most of the corona virus is destroyed. Many people in the country are inquiring about it, whether this campaign is true. They are looking to see if coronavirus is really dead with this type of solar eclipse.

On December 26, 2019, a Chennai-based scientist analyzed the corona virus linked to the solar eclipse caused by climate change. Chennai-based nuclear and geologist Dr KL Sundar Krishna told a national news agency that the details of the project were discussed. It is estimated that the coronavirus virus came in December last year as a result of the collision of neutrons released after the solar eclipse due to fission energy. He told the news agency that the virus was caused by the inter planetary force in the atmosphere. It was then analyzed that the coronavirus originated as a result of the biomolecular interaction in the sky above neutrons.
Recently, news reports have been circulating on social media that most of the corona's destruction is due to the effects of the eclipse of the Rings of Fire on June 21. This was stated at a press conference held by the Planetary Society of India Scientist Raghunandan on Saturday. Raghunandan has dismissed the rumors that the Rings of Fire are killing the corona virus. It is estimated that only about 0.001 per cent of the Earth's corona is killed by ultraviolet rays during the eclipse on 21st.

What the WHO said .. According to the WHO, the rumor is that Corona is coming to an end. Ultraviolet rays from the sun during the eclipse increase the temperature. Moreover, the WHO has made it clear that the corona is not dead. It is estimated that the rays from the sun, which is about 15 billion kilometers away from the sun, will lose their energy as they reach Earth. The WHO has made it clear that they must follow the guidelines set out to prevent corona spread.