India-China Border Fight At least 20 Indian soldiers killed In Violent Face-Off With China

India, Thehent: Shocking news India-China Border Fight 20 jawans killed in clashes with China Ladakh Indian jawans have been killed in clashes in Galvan valley.

Indian jawans are reported to have been killed in clashes with Chinese soldiers. News agency ANI tweeted on Tuesday night (June 16) that at least 20 soldiers had died of heroic deaths. The death toll is expected to rise further. The bodies were revealed to be airlifting.
The tension continues for 5 weeks on the border of India and China. Tensions have arisen in Pangyang Tso, Galvan Valley, Demochok and Daulatbeg Oldi. Since the beginning of May, China has been increasing its forces along the reality line. Moving additional forces there. Deployed a large number of battle tanks. In many areas along the border, there are many acts of poetry. It looks like the dragon is doing all this according to a plan.