Mystery Behind Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Death - Why What is the Reason?

Entertainment, Thehent: Sushant's wedding this year. Death Facts After Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide became a sensation. Some of the things that are revealed after his death are even more tragic.

The suicide of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput has made a nationwide buzz. Sushant's suicide by hanging himself at his home in Mumbai on Sunday (June 14) has left a tragedy. At the age of 34, Sushant is unable to digest life's end. Many Bollywood and Tollywood celebrities have condoled his death. The Cine industry has lost a talented actor.

His family members, who were in tears over the death of Sushant, were excited about his marriage. Varsha's brother Panna Singh said that Sushant was planning to get married in November this year and preparations for the wedding had also begun. In the meantime, he wept, saying that he had seen the worst. However, he did not specify whom Sushant would marry.
On the other hand, Jan Aadhar Party chief Pappu Yadav's allegation that Sushant did not commit suicide and killed him has become a hot issue in cinema circles. However, the Mumbai police, which revealed at the preliminary inquiry that Sushant had survived the Depression over the past few years, is conducting a full investigation into the suicide. Asking the neighbors and collecting the full details.

How does a man who committed suicide by hanging himself:-
doesn't have his eyes protruding out?
doesn't have his tongue hanging outside?
doesn't have his teeth piercing tight on his tongue making cuts, causing his tongue to bleed?
doesn't have his half pant (with no underwear inside) wet with urine forced out due to tensile pressure of hanging?

Lastly, why a man needs to commit suicide just after one week of his ex-manager committed suicide?

Was it the threat to the mighty Tristar of Bollywood?

Popular with the TV show 'Holy Rishta', Sushant has subsequently made an appearance in Bollywood. MS Dhoni: Dhoni played star status in the film The Untold Story. Finally, Chichchor appeared in the film Sushant.