Tamil Nadu Government Announces 'full' Total lockdown With Restricitions

Tamilnadu, Thehent: Total lockdown in four Tamil Nadu districts, including Chennai, from June 19 to 30 Full curfew again for 12 days ... what are the restrictions? In the four districts including Chennai, the curfew has been issued for 12 days from 19 am to 20 pm. What are the restrictions? What kind of relaxation?

Meeting with medical experts and ministers was held this morning at 1 o'clock on the extension of the curfew and the implementation of the entire curfew. What are the decisions taken at the end of the meeting? When's the whole curfew? Let’s look at what stores can run.

Following today's consultation, the government said in a statement:

Following the implementation of the National Curriculum Management Act by the Central Government under the National Disaster Management Act to curb coronavirus infection across India, the Tamil Nadu government has also implemented curfews throughout Tamil Nadu. Following this, the curfew has been extended to 30.6.2020 with some relaxation, considering the status of the corona epidemic and the livelihood of the people.

However, in view of the coronavirus prevalence in Chennai and its adjoining districts, on the advice of the Cabinet of Ministers on 15.6.2020, on the advice of the Cabinet of Ministers, on 19.6.2020 from 00:00 to 30.6.2020 To 12 o'clock at night;

Metropolitan Madras Police Boundary Areas

^ Thiruvallur District, Metropolitan Madras Police Border
In the municipalities of Thiruvallur, Kummidipundi, Ponneri and Minjur
And Poovanavalli, Ikkad and Cholavaram panchayat union areas
In all panels,

 Chengalpattu District, Metropolitan Madras Police Border
In the municipalities of Chengalpattu and Maramalainagar, Nandivaram- Guduvancheri
In the panorama and in the Kattankulathur panchayat union areas
In all panels,

Borough of Kanchipuram District is under the jurisdiction of Madras Police
In areas only full curfew will be enforced.

Whereas, the following essential tasks are relaxed only with restriction

1) Medical services such as hospitals, medical laboratories, pharmacies, ambulances and ambulance services.

2) Rental auto, taxi and private vehicle use
Allowed. However, only for emergency medical needs
Rental, Auto, Taxi and Private Vehicles

3) State Govt. Departments: 33% work with employees.

The head office, which carries out the essential tasks, will work with the needy personnel such as the Health and Family Welfare Department, the Police, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, the Power Department, the Treasury Department, the Liquor and Water Supply Department, the Labor Department, the Cooperative, Food and Consumer Protection Department.

4) Central Government Offices: 33 percent of employees will be allowed. Central government offices that perform essential tasks will be allowed to work with required personnel.

5) Employees living in containment zones do not have to work. Approval should be obtained in advance from the concerned departmental authorities.

6) Banks: Only 33% of employees will be allowed to operate between 29.6.2020 and 30.6.2020. Automated payment machines, which operate as usual banking and transport.

7) Public Distribution Stores will operate from 8am to 2pm. The Indian Food Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Consumer Affairs Corporation (WFPC) will be permitted to carry out the public distribution project.

8) Public distribution outlets operating in containment zones will not work. For families residing in restricted areas, government-issued relief will be provided directly by the caretakers.

9) Vegetable shops, grocery stores and petrol stocks will be allowed to operate from 6 am to 2 pm, with social breaks subject to appropriate regulations. Mobile shops selling vegetables and fruits are allowed only from 6 am to 2 pm.

People who buy essential items are advised not to use vehicles, but only within 2 km of where they live.

10) Restaurants: Parcel service is only allowed from 6am to 8pm. No tea shops are allowed. Home ordering by telephone will be allowed for catering service. Employees who deliver the goods must obtain an identification card from the companies they work for.
11) Permission will be given to the elderly, the disabled, the orphaned, the homeless and the elderly / sick.

12) Government restaurants and kitchens run by the government and local bodies will continue to function for mother restaurants and supporters

13) NGOs and other organizations that assist the public may operate with the appropriate permission of the concerned Government Officer.

14) print and electronic media.

15) Judiciary and courts.

16) Construction work with workers who stay in the work premises for the next 12 days is permitted.

17) In the Chennai Metropolitan Police Territory, workers are allowed to work in the vicinity of the factory premises for the next 12 days, once and for all. Similarly, workers who work from other areas within the Metropolitan Madras Police Border will be allowed to work in the vicinity of the factory premises, once in a while, for RTPCR inspection.

During these 12 days, workers will not be allowed to go to work daily from the Chennai Metropolitan Police. However, in series operations
Continuous process industries and industries manufacturing essential commodities will be allowed to continue to operate with appropriate safety provisions.

18) There are no restrictions on freight traffic and vehicles carrying essential goods during this curfew.

19) Only applicants who submit relevant evidence from Chennai to other districts for marriage, medical or death will be allowed e-pass.

20) The existing procedure for trains and aircraft coming in from outside as well as for foreigners and ships will continue.

30 Hour Full Curfew:
On Sundays between 21.6.2020 and 28.6.2020, the 30-hour full curfew will be enforced without any further relaxation. (That is, a full curfew will be enforced without any demotion between 12:00 pm and 22.6.2020 am on 20.6.2020. Similarly, the entire curfew will be held between 12 pm and 29.6.2020 at 6 pm on 27.6.2020 The order shall be enforced).

During these days, no other activities are permitted except for milk delivery, hospitals, pharmacies, hospitals, emergency and emergency vehicles. Private vehicle use is permitted only for emergency medical purposes.

In controlled areas, no activity is permitted. It will be intensified and monitored during the entire curfew. Local bodies will ensure the supply of essentials to restricted area homes and isolated homes. In these areas the antiseptic spray a
Will be sprayed twice tomorrow.

During the entire curfew:
Continued services 104 (control) and 108 (emergency)

Provision of essentials and risk-based medical assistance will be coordinated through special control rooms.

In which area is the full curfew? Metropolitan Madras Corporation

All the Panchayats in Thiruvallur District, Metropolitan Madras Police Boundary Area, Tiruvallur Municipality, Kummidipundi, Ponneri and Meenkoor Parochial and Poovaruvalli, Ikkad and Cholavaram Panchayats.

All the Panchayats in Chengalpattu District, Metropolitan Madras Police Boundaries, Chengalpattu and Maramalai Nagar Municipalities, Nandivaram-Guduvancheri Peru Municipality and Kattankulathur Panchayat Union.

All those residing in the Metropolitan Madras Police Territory in Kanchipuram District

Rice will also provide relief to family card holders of Rs. Similarly, the Hon'ble Mother's Government will provide a relief of Rs. 1000 to all Non-Organized Labor Welfare members and other welfare members living in the above areas.

Although the government enforces curfews and imposes various restrictions, of the people
Without cooperation, the spread of this disease is impossible. Outside the general public
It is mandatory to wear masks when traveling and in public places.

People often wash their hands with soap and water at home and at work.
Wearing face shorts in publications and regularly socializing
The whole of the state, except to adhere to and go out of necessity

It is only through cooperation that the infection can be controlled.

Also, once the signs of infection appear, the public is immediately at the nearby clinic
Seek medical advice / treatment. Of the general public
I call for full cooperation with the efforts.