Bharat Bond ETF What and How to Etf Subscription For 2nd Tranche Opens July 14


Business, TheHent: Narendra Modi's new scheme available from tomorrow .. Bharat Bond Etf Subscription For 2nd Tranche Opens July 14th, 2020. Want to invest money on hand anywhere? Good news for you though. You have a new option available. The India Bond ETF subscription is starting tomorrow.

Highlights of Bharat Bond Etf Subscription:

Bharat Bond ETF Subscription Starting tomorrow You can invest from Rs.1,000.
BHARAT Bond ETF has a fixed maturity period
Nifty BHARAT Bond ETF Index
invests in high quality 'AAA' rated bonds of Public Sector Companies
holds the bonds till their maturity and reinvest the coupons received
invests 5% of its allocation towards G-Sec/TREPS to manage liquidity

Banks have been cutting interest rates on deposits in a row. As a result, the income from depositing money in banks is limited. Where to invest money for higher returns? Many options are available. However, the central government is ready to re-launch the second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF subscription. You can also get an attractive return by investing in it.

How to Invest Bharat Bond Etf:

Edelweiss Asset Management Company is responsible for the second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF Subscription. The process will start tomorrow, July 14. There are two types of maturity options, April 2025 and April 2031. Investment in India Bond ETFs must be a demat account. If there is no demat account then India has to invest in Bond Funds of Funds.

What is Bharat Bond Etf:

Investor Buy or Sell units of bharat bond etf which is listed or traded on the exchanges and Public sector bonds bharat bond etf invests in public sector bonds maturing on or before scheme maturity.

The Bharat Bond ETF subscription ends on July 17. A minimum of Rs.1000 is enough to invest in it. Expense ratios are lower in comparison to mutual funds. Only 0.005 percent. As well as getting consistent returns. There are also positive aspects such as lower taxes and security for the investment made.

Benefits of Investing in BHARAT Bond ETF:

If you want to invest Rs 1 lakh in Bharat Bond ETFs .. 7.58 per cent return on your money. Based on this income, your money will be Rs. 2.07 lakhs in ten years. Tax is also levied on your investment. It will be Rs 7,836. Then about Rs 2 lakh will come to your hand. That means if you put Rs 1 lakh in the next month, you can take Rs 2 lakh in maturity.