Donald Trump pieces with the goal of winning the u.s. presidential election 2020

United States, ‎New York City: Trump pieces with the goal of winning the election .. Signing on merit-based immigration soon! Trump is preparing all concepts for a second term victory in the presidential election. Trump has made a key decision that he wants to take advantage of by bringing localism to the screen once again. US President Donald Trump is aiming to win the election once again Tuesday, 3 November United States Presidential election, 2020. Trump, who won the presidential election exceptionally well with the local card in the last election .. is chanting the same mantra this time as well. Trump has already announced that he will bring in the strongest merit-based immigration policy aimed at creating jobs for locals. Recently, Trump revealed that he would be signing these orders. He said that if the law comes into force, it will benefit those from India and South Asia at an early age and the benefits will be safeguarded.

‘The most important law is going to be signed very soon. This law is very strong. The country is moving towards merit-based immigration. "Family ties reduce the chances of getting a visa," Trump told a news conference at the White House Rose Garden. It was clarified that the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) will be finalized soon and the duty policies related to this will be finalized. Trump said Conservative Republicans are also interested in seeing how the DACA works.

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He said Democrats had three years to do anything about the DACA, but they never ignored it. ‘Never refused. Used it politically. I will use it to do something .. but we will sign a very powerful immigration law. It's great, it's based on merit. He said the effort has been going on for the last 25, 30 years.
The Trump administration says that if the DACA policy goes into effect, the rights of those who entered the United States at an early age without documents along with their parents will be protected, benefiting nearly 7 million young people. Although Trump has decided to cancel programs launched during the Obama administration, the Supreme Court has put a brake on it.