Jio Android 4g 5g Phones | Jio Glass | Reliance Jio TV Plus watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar


India, Tech: Reliance Jio TV Plus: Users can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar from single log-in, jio Partners With Google For Making Affordable 4g 5g Phones and Jio Glass. Smartphone in the hands of every Indian ... Jio Android phones soon! India's number one telecom company Jio will soon launch low-cost 4G and 5G smartphones in the country. Its details are as follows.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIS) made key announcements at the AGM conference on Wednesday. Has announced that it is joining hands with Google to design Android-based flagship smartphones. Their goal is to make our country a country without a 2G network. Announces the launch of 4G and 5G smartphones based on the Android operating system.

Jio said it would put the smartphone in the hands of everyone in India in partnership with Google. Stated that they would no longer aim for the same. He said that we will provide low-cost phones to 35 crore consumers in our country. Jio has already released phones running on KIOS like Jio Phone, Jio Phone 2.

Ambani said that so far 10 crore Jio phones have been sold. Mentioned that there are a lot of people who are looking to buy a smartphone if it is available at a low price. They are accepting the challenge that smartphones offer them.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also took part in the event via video. Jio said it would make low-cost 4G phones through a Google partnership. He said that future Jio phones will be launched with the Android operating system, including the Play Store.
Google has recently announced that it will invest $ 10 billion (approximately Rs 75,000 crore) in the country. Now, Google is investing Rs 33,737 crore in a 7.7 percent stake in the latest Jio platform. Google has said that it will soon bring 5G network to our country.