Migrant Labor Registration Status of Contract Workers Amenities Insurance, Pension Rs 1,000 per Month in One Card


India, News: The good news is that Modi is getting a pension of Rs 1,000 per month and many more benefits. Migrant workers are the ones most affected by the coronavirus. Criticisms also abound that the central government has not responded properly to their case. The central government is under intense pressure in the wake of the coronavirus. The Kovid 19 blow is having a negative impact on the economy. People are also facing worse conditions. Most importantly, the lives of migrant workers have become fragile. The central government has also been criticized for not properly treating migrant workers in the wake of the lockdown.

Under such circumstances, the Central Government hopes to make decisions that will benefit migrant workers. It also plans to provide social security for migrant workers. It plans to provide them with health and life insurance services, including a minimum pension. Soon the all the updates of Migrant Workers Status of Contract Workers Labour Registration in Online and how to get benefits Insurance, Pension, Status of Contract Workers Registration for laborers in one card.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee will also submit a report to the Center later this month. According to sources, the Modi government committee will make several key proposals in this regard. It is understood that the status of contract workers will also be extended to migrant workers.
The committee also suggested that the central government should provide accommodation for migrant workers. Also recommended setting up a special fund for them. It said registration should be maintained for migrant workers to provide all these benefits. Stated to issue a separate card. All facilities should be provided to migrant workers through this card number. On the other hand, Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar said the Center was looking at providing other benefits, including a pension of Rs 1,000, to migrant workers.