National Education Policy 2020 - NEP2020 New Rules UG and PG Courses

Education, The Hent: Many changes have been made in the new education system in relation to degree and PG courses. Please note ..

It is learned that after 34 years in the country, the Union Cabinet has approved key changes in the education sector. The new education system focuses on the holistic development of students. At the same time, efforts were made to reduce the burden on students. Undertook changes to bring educational standards up to international standards.

Multiple entry or exit: A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to all courses. Subjects will be changed simply.
Multiple entry and exit (multiple entry/exit) procedures will be introduced in UG courses.
Under the current system, a 4-year degree student is required to drop out completely after six semesters.
Under the new system, a certificate is issued if the student fails after one year.
Diploma if missed after two years .. Degree awarded after 3-4 years.
A three-year degree program will be implemented for those who want to go for jobs and a four-year degree program for those who want to go towards research.
Those who have done a four-year degree will have a one-year PG course. After that, you can go for a Ph.D. without having to do MPhil.
The five-year integrated bachelor's degree is implemented in conjunction with the masters. No more MPhil.

The choice of combinations is up to the student:

As of now ... those who choose mathematics need not give up if they are interested in history.
Also ..joins the degree and does not necessarily have to read the same for three years without liking.
Subjects can be taken in combinations of their choice .... they can opt-out of the course whenever they like.
Until then recognition will be given. Can continue when reassembled.
If you want to do research, you can stay up to the fourth year and do the course.
First-year: Certificate, Second year: Advanced Diploma, Third year: Bachelor's degree, Fourth year: Bachelor's degree with research.

Secure old credits:
After one or two years of study, students are given the option of continuing to study for as long as they can, even if they do not study for any reason.
Credits for one or two years that the student has read up to that point are safe in digital lockers. The student does not have to read again from the first year.
Until then he had the opportunity to complete the remaining years using the credits in his digital locker.
There will be a single regulatory body for all higher education institutions.
The National Examination Board (NTA) administers the Common Entrance for Admissions. (Excluding legal and medical education)
Currently, there are systems like UGC, AICTE, National Council for Teacher Education for regulating the education system. All of these will be merged to form a single system to control the entire higher education system.
The same rules apply to all public and private educational institutions.