No More PUBG Mobile APP Banned in India ASAP - Due to Addiction Cases


Tech: PUBG mobile is banned in India quite fond of video game enthusiasts. But the bad news for PUBG game lovers is that it can be banned soon. Actually, after the ban on 59 Chinese apps in the country, a list of 275 more Chinese apps has been prepared. On Pubg alternate Free Fire Mobile App is the ultimate survival shooter game available in google play store. This list also includes the popular game PUBG of the Tencent Company. On which a decision per bond can be taken soon. For information, let us know that India is the largest market for PUBG. According to a report, PubG has been installed by around 175 million people so far.

India has banned another 47 Chinese apps over user privacy violations in its second digital strike against china. India has prepared a list of over 250 Chinese apps, including PUBG and apps linked to Alibaba, for allegedly sharing Indian user data with Chinese agencies. Ban: PUBG may soon be banned in India, after banning 52 Chinese apps, the government made a new list.

According to the report, all the 275 apps included in the new list will be investigated for violation of national security and privacy of users. In such a situation, it can also be said that the government can ban all the apps included in the list. But if no irregularity is found during the investigation, then no app will be banned. At present, the Ministry of Home Affairs has not yet commented on this.

PUBG is a South Korean online video game and the game was created by BlueWheel subsidiary Battleground (Battleground). The game was influenced by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal and was produced by Brendan. The game is marketed and distributed by Kakao Games in South Korea. However, it holds a major stake in China's largest video game publisher, Tencent. In China, it was introduced as the Game of peace.
Please tell here that PUBG has faced many criticisms and demand has been raised many times about the ban. Many complaints were also received by the parents and guardians of the children. In which the game had a bad impact especially on the youth and some state governments across the country have banned temporary restrictions on the gaming app.