Black Friday Shopping 10 Tips to Look for When Hunting for Online Bargains

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As every year, on November 27th, many online shops, in particular, are advertising again with strong discounts. But consumers should be careful when hunting for bargains online. ideal and Mydealz jointly give ten tips that consumers should consider on Black Friday.

10 Tips To Look For When Hunting for Online Bargains:

Tip 1: think about what you want to buy beforehand

If you want to save on Black Friday, you should make a list beforehand and think about which products you really need and whether it really should be an XL television, for example, or whether it is sufficient if the new TV set is 50 inches. It is also advisable to compare the corresponding prices in advance using comparison portals in order to find out about the market prices.

Tip 2: Go on a bargain hunt the evening before

Even on the evening before Black Friday, many retailers lure with heavily discounted offers: This year, "Black Friday" starts on November 26th at 7 pm. And since most offers are limited in availability, consumers should start looking for bargains in good time.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the small print and the test seal

In addition to well-known companies, smaller online shops also draw attention to themselves on Black Friday with special offers. In order not to fall for dubious retailers, consumers should pay close attention to how much information a retailer reveals about himself. If the imprint, information on data protection, or the contractual conditions are missing or the dealer cannot be found on editorially maintained portals, one should refrain from buying. A good indication of the seriousness of an online shop is selling such as those from "Trusted Shops", which only verified dealers are allowed to carry.

Tip 4: Avoid paying by bank transfer

Most online shops offer various payment options - from credit cards to direct debit to PayPal or payment by bank transfer. The latter is not advisable, however: once the transfer has been made, it can usually not be reversed. Payment by credit card, direct debit or PayPal is more suitable. PayPal, for example, offers buyer protection. Direct debits can be objected to within eight weeks. And when paying by credit card, you basically have the option of having amounts posted back.

Tip 5: Always question discount information

Dealers advertised last year's Black Friday with discounts of up to 90 percent. Consumers should not be fooled by high discounts: Often the discount does not refer to the market price, but to the manufacturer's "recommended retail price" (RRP). Many retailers already offer products below the RRP. For fashion and electronics in particular, the actual market price is usually well below the RRP. Independent price comparison portals offer orientation in the jungle of discounts.

Tip 6: keep an eye on the "hidden" costs

So that the shopping frenzy doesn't end with a hangover, consumers should always keep an eye on the costs of shipping and a possible return. High shipping costs can quickly soak up the original price savings. And the costs for a return required for an exchange can also be high. Since June 13, 2014 these costs have to be borne by the consumer. As a goodwill gesture, some dealers still offer free returns. Before making a purchase, bargain hunters should take a look at the shop's cancellation policy.

Tip 7: Pay attention to information on delivery times

Consumers should take a close look at delivery times. If the information on the delivery times is missing or if these are not until next year, it is better to refrain from buying. In the case of electronic items, in particular, prices drop quickly during the year and the supposed bargain may then turn out to be overpriced when the goods are received. In order not to fall into this trap, consumers should switch to another online shop or, if in doubt, only make the purchase after Black Friday.

Tip 8: Be careful when ordering from abroad

At first glance, some products may seem particularly cheap in foreign online shops such as However, due to logistical reasons, it is generally not possible to import electrical goods via Some products, for example, some fashion items, are also excluded from shipping abroad due to the dealers' license agreements. In order to be sure whether a product can be imported and what customs and shipping costs arise, consumers should go through the ordering process until entering the address. Amazon, for example, shows the availability and the actual price (including shipping, VAT, and customs) in the last order step.

Tip 9: combine discount vouchers

With the use of discount vouchers, you can save one or two additional euros on Black Friday. Anyone looking for the right vouchers online and checking whether they can be redeemed on Black Friday products that have already been discounted will ideally benefit from additional discounts.

Tip 10: Don't panic when you receive defective goods

Even if the goods ordered are damaged, consumers should keep a cool head. In such a case, it is legally presumed within the first six months that the defect was present from the start and that the consumer is not responsible for it as long as the retailer does not prove otherwise. As a rule, the consumer does not have to bear the costs and can assert his warranty claims.

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